The VLT Sandwich


Before becoming a Pescatarian, I loved a BLT sandwich. Here, I’ve created a veggie-friendly alternative – hence the name! I’ve used my ‘Lemon and herb Quorn Chicken’ as a sandwich filler and by doing so, there’s less saturated fat compared to using bacon, but it’s just as tasty!

Prep Time: 5 - 25 mins | Cooking Time: 0 - 25 mins | Serves: 1

Ingredients final

2 slices of organic crusty bread

Lemon & Herb Quorn Chicken*

1 teaspoon of mayonnaise

A handful of mixed salad leaves

1/2 of a tomato sliced

Feta cheese

Freshly chopped basil

Black Pepper

*I’ve allowed time above to prepare and cook this if you haven’t already.


Method final

  1. If you haven’t already, prepare and cook your Lemon & Herb Quorn chicken following the instructions here.
  2. Slice two pieces of bread and spread your mayonnaise on one slice, then sprinkle some black pepper over it.
  3. Layer on the rest of the ingredients in this order: mixed salad leaves, sliced tomato, Feta, chopped basil, and Quorn chicken pieces.
  4. Sprinkle over some more black pepper.
  5. Serve and Enjoy!