My name is Georgia and welcome to FoodByG. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to look around!

It’s my pleasure to share with you my passion for home cooking and healthy foods in hope that you also are inspired to get creative in the kitchen and learn something new.

About Me:

I love food, I love creating and I love cooking.

I have always enjoyed cooking from an early age and I must thank my one and only mother for teaching me the culinary ways whilst growing up. I remember I used to sit on the kitchen work top watching her cook when I was small. She has always been there to answer my questions and I may have not been so in love with cooking if it wasn’t for her enthusiasm and long-standing presence in the kitchen over the years.

The world is constantly discovering new foods and flavours and people’s diets are changing in numerous ways as a result. Today, we are seeing far more people taking consideration over their health and the foods they eat. Inspired partly by my brother, partly by ethical reasons, and encouraged by the renowned health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, I decided to become Pescatarian last summer. I thought it would be challenging at first considering I’ve eaten meat all my life, but I found it surprisingly easy and over the course of three months any cravings I had for meat disappeared. Since then, I’ve experimented with new foods, flavours and recipes to suit a healthy lifestyle and have loved exploring different ways of cooking with fish, and alternative sources of protein! I understand that one’s diet is a personal choice and I would never impose my views on anyone for that reason. However, I would always advise people to take an interest in educating themselves on where and how their food is sourced and produced.

I graduated last year from University with a degree in Psychology and I’m also very creative – all the illustrative graphics you see on this website are my own designs! My partner in crime happens to be extremely talented at web development and he built his own website from scratch a couple of years ago. It seems his entrepreneurial ways have rubbed off on me and he’s supported me in building this blog and making something out of my enjoyments.

I suppose this blog allows me to unleash my culinary creativity and share my journey with you all.

I am inspired by foods I love, places I love, and people I love.

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